2016 College Football Predictions

The college football season is something that you have to predict with some wisdom because it is not going to go the way that you think it will. Nothing that you predict is going to be perfect because you always get surprised by what happens, but there are some things that you can lean on when you are making your predictions. There are a lot of sure things in this article, and you will be able to use them to make sure that you are going to have a chance to sort of know what is going on.

The first is to check the college football win totals at BetFirm.  This will give you an idea of how good each team is supposed to be.  If a team is projected for double digit wins, they are likely going to be successful.  If they have an over/under of less than five, don’t expect too much out of them.  Now, let’s see how I think each conference shakes out in 2016.


The SEC breaks down to Tennesse, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss. You can expect the two teams in the title game to be one of these schools, and the winner of the title game is going into the playoff. It is really a matter of if Alabama can repeat and if the Vols in Knoxville are going to be able to break through and win the east. It is up to them, but they have the talent to make it happen when they get to Atlanta if they can get through the east.


This is all down to how good Florida State will be. They will probably win the league, and then it is about making sure that they are positioned well to get into the playoff. There is not much more to say about the ACC because they have not shown that there is anyone else other than UNC to contend, but the problem is that no one believes that UNC will be able to win the conference. Therefore, there is no trip to the playoff in their future.

The Big Ten

It is going to be Ohio State, Michigan State or Michigan. Jim Harbaugh might be too volatile to get Michigan to go where they need to go, and Ohio State might have a talent gulf. It is all dependent on how good Michigan State is going to be. They could mess this up for everyone, but it all depends on how they do when they play these two other teams. No one can predict, but betting against Michigan State might be a bad idea.

The Pac 10

The Pac 10 is a place where no one knows what is going on because Oregon could be good, Stanford could be good or UCLA could be good. No one has any way of knowing, but they need to be sure that they are watching each of these three teams. USC is not really going to be a factor because they are still recovering, and it is possible that UCLA could fall off if they do not have the talent on defense. Oregon and Stanford are both good bets, but no one knows until they hit the field. However, their matchup in the season could decide the conference title.

The Big 12

The problem with the Big 12 is that they do not have that title game, and they are going to miss out if they are not careful. They could sneak in TCU, Oklahoma or even Texas, but they cannot be sure of that. That is a major problem that people need to remember when they are betting on the conference that has already been left out without much of a problem. There where two teams with good records that could have gotten in and they missed out. That could be a problem this year because people already think that they can leave them out without any problem.

The predictions for the season are very up in the air because no one knows if they will pan out until they are seen on the field. It is something that people have to watch because they can see when things are not working, and that is when they are going to see if they were right in the first place. Alabama could repeat, but they might be overtaken by Tennessee. It is all something that people have to think about before they start betting because they are going to have to think about what they would bet on all things being equal so they can wager.

How to Bet on College Football

Learning how to bet on college football is something that you will need to make sure that you know about before you even make the attempt. It is not a complicated subject, it is just a topic that has a lot of elements and angles that need to be properly addressed for a person to know what they are doing and to have the best chance at actually winning their bets. Having this information will be crucial in helping to have a better understanding and to know the lingo when it comes to actually placing a bet. This article will give you all that you need to know when it comes to placing a bet and winning.

The first type of bet is that of the point spread. This is the type of bet that many people will talk about many times. All that this involves is to pick a team that is either the favorite or the underdog. The favorite will be where you subtract a certain number of points away from the team. The underdog bet is when you add a certain number of points to a team to win. This is one of the easiest and most popular types of bets that you will deal with when it comes to betting on your favorite college football team.

The moneyline is the next type of bet that needs to be focused on. With this type of bet, you need to remember that you are simply betting on a team to win by at least one point. This is a lot easier of a bet to go with as you can often have a better chance of winning and not be as likely to lose the bet. The one difference that you need to look at is that odds are placed on the favorite as well as the underdog in order to provide an element of fairness.

Totals is one of the best bets that you can go with. The reason is that with totals, you are betting on the total number of points that will be scored in the game. This is one of the types of bets that many people will begin betting with as it is often looked at as one of the best and easiest bets that can be beat.

If you are looking for a daring type of bet, then futures will be the best type of bet that you can use to make a daring bet. The way that this works is that you will place a bet on who you think will win a conference or even the championship and place the bet on them before the season even starts. This is a good type of bet to go with as you can bet small but you will generally have a large payout if you manage to actually be right. It is worth noting that these can also consist of over and under bets that will be placed throughout the season.

As you can see there is a lot of different types of options that are associated with placing a bet on college football. Some of these come with bigger risk than others and deep down it will be a matter of what type of risk that you are wanting to take. There is a certain risk that should be made aware of with any type of bet that you place. It is also a good idea that you make sure that you bet responsibility and that you keep it under control. If you see that you have a problem, then you will want to make sure to seek out help for your gambling problem.

Heisman Trophy Predictions

It’s that time of the year again where we get to enjoy college football. Not only is it entertaining, but we also get a chance to win the much coveted Heisman Trophy. We all know that the Heisman Trophy race has never been easy to predict but the candidates for this year’s college football season seem easier. The question on everyone’s mouth now is who will win the 2016 Heisman Trophy? No worries, here are some players you should keep tabs on.  Many are also on Bruce Feldman’s piece for Fox Sports.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
Watson, a Heisman finalist last year, attracted attention in last season’s game with his brilliant display of mobility while quarterbacking for a Clemson team. He’s a favorite of all American football fans since he was the first college QB to throw for 4,104 yards and run for 1000+ yards in the same season. All signs point on Deshaun since he has nothing against him. And with all that talent in him, expect him to be in the award discussion throughout the season.

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
McCaffrey is an exceptional pure running back, among the best kick returners and a fantastic receiver. After his showing in Pasadena, it is no doubt that voters are acutely aware of what he is capable of during kick off. Last year, McCaffrey set a tough standard which he now has to live up to. If he wins the pac-12 again, he will be a spearhead in the Heisman conversation.

Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia
You may recall Chubb for his knees injury which we all witnessed. Because of this, he had to miss the rest of the season. Nick can be a Heisman leading candidate and is capable of being the best running back in the country if he is fully healthy and back up to speed.

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
For two months last season, Fournette led the Heisman race. With a strong campaign this year, he has a chance to come back up and be the player to beat in the 2016 Heisman Trophy race. In recent history, only a few backs have been able to beat his fusion of speed and power. Watch out for him this season.

Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
Freeman is slightly overshadowed by other running backs, partially because of Oregon’s distress last year. With Freeman’s physicality, Oregon is competent to punish spread-out defenses and spread the field.

Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
This player has certainly got it all; size, speed, and agility. In the 2015 Heisman vote, Dalvin finished seventh, not quite living up to his status as the nation’s most explosive running back. Unfortunately, Cook may be limited by injuries.

J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State
In 2014, Barrett finished fifth in the Heisman race as an unexpected redshirt starter. This season presents a perfect opportunity for Barrett to become a star. The Ohio state will likely utilize his legs and push the tempo.

Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
Mayfield finished fourth in the Heisman vote after an excellent debut with the Sooners. He transferred from Texas Tech and took the big 12 by storm. With the new offense coordinator, Lincoln Riley, Baker fits perfectly under him and has passed RB Samaje Perine as the top Heisman candidate for the Sooners.

Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss
A year ago, this would have been impossible, but after a good start in his college career, that began at Clemson, Chad excelled in leading the Rebels to the Sugar Bowl and a 10-3 record. Kelly has one of the toughest nation’s schedule, but if Ole Miss pulls through that schedule, then he has an excellent opportunity to be in the Heisman conversation.

Greg Ward Jr., QB, Houston
In 2015, the tandem of Ward led Houston to new heights. Ward has a chance to compete for a Heisman finalist spot. He may not win, but he will have attracted attention mainly if he has a big game in the cougar’s opener.

With two finalists back, we can make strong arguments for all of these players. The safest bet probably is Watson as the country’s best quarterback. Although all these players have a great chance to win.

Week 1 College Football Predictions

College football is back, as the opening weekend games promise to be one of the better lineups in recent years. You can expect at least one upset in the first full weekend of college football, which will spark the debate on who has already played themselves out of the bowl season playoffs.

Here are my Week 1 college football predictions:

Oregon State at Minnesota, Sept. 1st

Oregon State Beavers head coach Gary Andersen is too good of a defensive whiz to allow his defense suffer through another bad season. You can expect his front seven will keep the Minnesota Gophers running game in-check, but containing quarterback Mitch Leidner is another story. No question, Leidner is very efficient in the Gophers short passing game. Still, don’t be surprise if this contest comes down to which team scores first will win the game. Both schools pride themselves on having aggressive defenses that create turnovers, which provides the offense with ideal field position.

Prediction: Minnesota 17 Oregon State 10

Colorado vs. Colorado State in Denver, Sept. 2nd

This is one of the best non-conference rivalry games in all of college football, as the play can get downright nasty between the two schools. The Colorado Buffaloes have too much upper-class experience that should be able to wear down a young Colorado State Rams defense. You can expect Colorado’s offense to score early and often in the contest. Ideally, the Rams would love to have a few regular season games under their belt before facing the Buffaloes, but don’t discount the Rams offense from making this game interesting. I’m a firm believer in Mike Bobo’s head coach style, as he hopes to grind out just enough offense to win the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Prediction: Colorado 28 Colorado State 20

LSU vs. Wisconsin at Green Bay, Sept.3rd

What a non-conference matchup, as you have two perennial top ten teams playing in historic Lambeau Field. LSU is traveling to the heart of Big Ten country to answer the questions about their ability to compete in marquee matchups. Wisconsin is coming off an impressive Holiday Bowl victory over USC last December, but the Badgers haven’t fared well in opening weekend games. They have looked flat in consecutive losses to LSU and Alabama. It’s time for them to have a convincing opening game win. This will be a tough assignment, as LSU has a potent rushing attack with Corey Clements and Leonard Fournette. Plus, add the arm of quarterback Brandon Harris that can consistently stretch defenses. Still, this should be a fantastic early season contest.

Prediction: LSU 28 Wisconsin 21

USC vs. Alabama at Arlington, Sept. 3rd

How fast did Alabama Crimson Tide reload following a National Championship season? It will be hard to play to the standard offered by last year’s team. Bama head coach Nick Saban expects to have a defense that can shutdown the USC Trojans running game, but can his pass defense contain Southern Cal’s explosive outside receivers. The Trojans hope JuJu Smith-Schuster’s ability to go up and catch the football will present problems for the Alabama secondary. On the other side of the ball, USC corners will have their hands filled with Bama wideout Calvin Ridley, who is a deep threat that can strike early and often. Each team expects to score the majority of their points via the air.

Prediction: Alabama 30 USC 27

Notre Dame at Texas, Sept.4th

The national spotlight will shine brightly on Austin this weekend, as Notre Dame is coming to town to face the Texas Longhorns. This opening weekend contest showcases two of the most storied football programs in the history of college sports. No one in Austin has forgotten how Notre Dame embarrassed them in South Bend last season. Texas head coach Charlie Strong must show that his team is ready to defend, but the bigger key is stopping Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire from making an early Heisman case, The Longhorns defense should keep the game competitive for three quarters before Notre Dame pulls away with two late fourth quarter scores.

Prediction: Notre Dame 34 Texas 17